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High availability storage is a solution that means that there is a 0% chance of downtime experienced on servers that store important data for today’s large businesses.  A common high availability storage system involves two servers that mirror each other in case there is a problem with one of them.  This solution appears as a single server on a network, and requires no further knowledge for those who will access it on a daily basis.  Syntress has the capability of setting up a high availability storage system for your business.  Also, Syntress can assist with adding more servers to reduce the possibility of downtime.

In addition to having a high availability storage system, Syntress recommends a Zeta File System (ZFS) solution by Nexenta.  We believe it to be the best in the industry after researching multiple ZFS technologies.  The advantage of using a ZFS is that they increase storage capacity by highly compressing files.  Another added benefit to having a ZFS is that they keep duplicate copies of files in case the file becomes corrupt for whatever reason.  “ZFS provides the most robust error checking of any filesystem available. All data and metadata is checksummed (SHA256 is available for the paranoid), and the checksum is validated on every read and write” (Read more about ZFS here).

Offsite backups (commonly known as “The Cloud”) are another important factor of maintaining large amounts of data that businesses accumulate over time.   For example, email is a critical element for communication and keeping track of progress.  It is important to set up multiple mail servers at different datacenters that are able to sync and work with each other.  In order for this to occur, intelligent software is required.  Syntress recommends Zimbra, which is a robust solution for delivering the Cloud to your datacenter.  This means that your data will be accessible anywhere, securely.

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