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Lately the internet has been buzzing with the benefits of using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology.  VoIP networks are revolutionary because they enable a business to conduct phone calls through the internet, rather than a landline.  Thus, VoIP networks offer more flexibility and features.   One feature of using VoIP technology is enabling something called follow me.  Follow me forwards the phone call from an office handset to a cell phone or home phone.  This is great for someone who travels frequently, but still wants to keep a local number for his or her clients without giving out their personal number.

Many providers, including Syntress, offer VoIP service.  VoIP service is cheaper than traditional business phone service, because it runs off the internet.  It is an added service, rather than a completely separate one.  The VoIP service that Syntress provides is clear, reliable, and very affordable.  It can accommodate multiple extensions, and can route calls from a main office to a branch office located in another city.  VoIP technology has improved vastly over the past decade and is suitable for small or large business use.

VoIP service requires an internet phone, which can offer many useful features.  An internet phone can check the weather, display RSS feeds, and visually show status messages.  An internet phone is another benefit of having VoIP technology.  They work on any business-class internet connection, and provide a secure alternative to landline phone service.

With VoIP, it is also useful to have an internet mobile phone.  Many applications are available for an internet mobile phone that add value to VoIP service.  This allows the user to access phone calls and voicemails remotely, while still using the number assigned to the VoIP service.   They work off any WiFi network and are great for business people in large urban markets.  Anywhere there is a coffee shop, an internet phone should work.  Some VoIP applications even work off 3G, or 4G phone service.  VoIP technology extends beyond the office and does more than just provide a phone connection.

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